Revolut Metal

A contactless metal card with cashback in fiat & crypto

Enjoy an exclusive, first-class experience that includes a contactless metal card, earning up to 1% cashback, a dedicated concierge service, and way more.

Designed with obsessive attention to detail and weighing 18g, the Revolut Metal card is crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel.

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Congratulations to the launch of Revolut Metal ! Now i’m hoping you have time to make some progress on the personal IBAN and ApplePay side of Revolut...
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This is a good marketing move, but it would be nice if Revolut would start focusing on REAL things like personal IBANs, Apple Pay, better Customer support, etc


It looks gorgeous


It's mostly a status symbol, no real instric value

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What do you mean? I've been using Revolut for a year and do have a personal IBAN. I've never had a serious issue with it and the support chat had always been helpful.
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They do have IBANs, however your underlying point stands. I had some issues getting a currency that I need and also not all places accept prepaid cards and that includes some Google companies... The fact that you did not know they have IBANs means they do need some marketing just maybe about different stuff

I've had nothing but terrible experiences with Revolut. I used their Premium bank account for a few weeks, but found the experience incredibly buggy and without any real advantages over other online banks (Monzo). Trying to cancel my subscription was nearly impossible. Getting in touch with customer service took a long while, and they were unhelpful. They pretty much only used templated responses that didn't address my questions. I ended up having to completely close my Revolut bank account, since this was apparently the only way they'd allow me to cancel my Premium subscription.

TL;DR Loads of features, but they're pretty buggy and don't add much real value. The worst customer service I've experienced from any bank.


Some cool features


Terrible customer service, launching a billion features before they're ready

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I'm curious what kind of bugs you've experienced? I've been on Revolut for a year and couldn't be happier with it. I use the Android app.
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I completely disagree with your comment. I've been using Revolut for over a year now and it's practically replaced my main bank. In my experience no other banking alternative even comes close to what Revolut does. Sure they have some outages, which most of the time aren't even their own fault, its usually MasterCard or Visa's problem, which means that any other bank will have the same problem. Whats different is that Revolut actually take care of their customers, unlike traditional banks. Customer support usually replies to me within a minute or two maximum and they always try their best to understand what I mean. I've never had some form of generic answer thrown at me. I love Revolut and I think that they are moving at a very fast pace and launching features that other companies would take years rather than months to develop.
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Completely different from my experiences (although I'm not a Premium user yet). I've had zero bugs using the iOS app, in the last 3 (?) years. I've been in contact with the customer support like three times or so, each time resolving my issue. Last issue was regarding not being able to login due to change of phone number. Sometimes, answers can be slow-ish, or can be next-day if you don't hit the working hours because of timezones, but I've also got an answer within 1 hour. I didn't feel like they had templated responses. Too bad your's isn't good :/ Hope they don't become worse and worse.
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Interesting you'd comment on an other fintech card when you work for one that has its share of issues. I signed up for early access to Petal. In fact, i was number 9 in line behind like 70,000 others. When it came time to actually sign up, I was rejected. I have a 712 credit score and my only outstanding balances were student loans. So for a company (Petal) to claim to be for people who don't have established credit and doesn't care what your financial situation is, you sure turned away someone who falls right into your sweetspot. I think you should work on adjusting your enrollment criteria before you start tearing apart other products.

Metal also upgraded my isnurance and now covers delayed air flights and luggages. The looks of Metal is just insane!


Revolut Metal offers cashback in crypto, haven't seen anything like that before!


Limited availability of Metal

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What's the point of the metal card?
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@imromains you get all these features: Free overseas medical insurance Delayed baggage & flight insurance Free exclusive concierge service Up to 1% cashback Instant Cryptocurrency access Disposable virtual cards Priority 24/7 customer support
@frozengr thanks but what is the point of the metal card?
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@imromains what's the point of driving a Mercedes if you already have a Fiat? ;)
@frozengr good question, maybe just to show off?
@imromains we live in times where people have the power of choice.