Revolut Metal

A contactless metal card with cashback in fiat & crypto

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Enjoy an exclusive, first-class experience that includes a contactless metal card, earning up to 1% cashback, a dedicated concierge service, and way more.

Designed with obsessive attention to detail and weighing 18g, the Revolut Metal card is crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel.

  • Manuel Frigerio
    Manuel FrigerioMaker of @maitre_app

    It looks gorgeous


    It's mostly a status symbol, no real instric value

    This is a good marketing move, but it would be nice if Revolut would start focusing on REAL things like personal IBANs, Apple Pay, better Customer support, etc

    Manuel Frigerio has used this product for one year.
  • Sam Wilkinson
    Sam WilkinsonMachine Learning Engineer at Petal

    Some cool features


    Terrible customer service, launching a billion features before they're ready

    I've had nothing but terrible experiences with Revolut. I used their Premium bank account for a few weeks, but found the experience incredibly buggy and without any real advantages over other online banks (Monzo). Trying to cancel my subscription was nearly impossible. Getting in touch with customer service took a long while, and they were unhelpful. They pretty much only used templated responses that didn't address my questions. I ended up having to completely close my Revolut bank account, since this was apparently the only way they'd allow me to cancel my Premium subscription.

    TL;DR Loads of features, but they're pretty buggy and don't add much real value. The worst customer service I've experienced from any bank.

    Sam Wilkinson has never used this product.
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Congratulations to the launch of Revolut Metal ! Now i’m hoping you have time to make some progress on the personal IBAN and ApplePay side of Revolut...
João Bernardo
João Bernardo@jbamaro · Software Engineer
@afischzh This ^
Romain Sourdiaux
Romain Sourdiaux@imromains · 🍋
What's the point of the metal card?
Dimitrios Litsikakis
Dimitrios Litsikakis@frozengr · Revolut Country Manager Greece
@imromains you get all these features: Free overseas medical insurance Delayed baggage & flight insurance Free exclusive concierge service Up to 1% cashback Instant Cryptocurrency access Disposable virtual cards Priority 24/7 customer support
Romain Sourdiaux
Romain Sourdiaux@imromains · 🍋
@frozengr thanks but what is the point of the metal card?
Dimitrios Litsikakis
Dimitrios Litsikakis@frozengr · Revolut Country Manager Greece
@imromains what's the point of driving a Mercedes if you already have a Fiat? ;)
Romain Sourdiaux
Romain Sourdiaux@imromains · 🍋
@frozengr good question, maybe just to show off?
Dimitrios Litsikakis
Dimitrios Litsikakis@frozengr · Revolut Country Manager Greece
@imromains we live in times where people have the power of choice.
Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
Everytime I pull out my ordinary plastic Revolut I'm going to WISH I had this. Also that video clip is so compelling, really nicely made.
Michael Folling
Michael Folling@michaelfolling · Founder/CEO
Now if I could just get a Revolut account....
Vadim Kuchinskiy
Vadim Kuchinskiy@vadim_kuchinsky
I like !!! Very nice !!!