The world’s first stabilized 4K smart action camera

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Hi everyone, I am the CEO of REVL. We are building the world's smartest action camera to solve the two biggest problems with cameras today. Stabilization and Editing! Our camera is the only one which has both physical and electronic image stabilization built-in. It also comes with an editing app which will find your best moments and let your share them instantly without a computer.
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What a great product and pitch today at demo day! Once I saw the side by side comparison I was sold! Happy to have backed them on indiegogo!
@heathermhuang Thanks so much! We appreciate the support. Let us know if you have any remaining questions on the product.
Hey Eric, Brianne + Team! What an amazing little gadget!!! Seriously, well done. I see you've already completely smashed your goal on Indiegogo, but I'm going to go ahead and add to your total anyway :-D Love how you compared GoPro on the video, very clever indeed. Keep on rockin'! Sam 👍😎👍😎
@sam___hurley you've found my Christmas present!
This is so much better than a GoPro that it blows my mind. Why didn't they build something like Revl?
@yaroslavazhnyuk Completely agree. We wanted a better action camera, so we built one ourselves... The built-in stabilization is a game changer, especially considering it's waterproof and so much easier than running around with a gimbal.
I got to try the camera out and it was incredible! Blows a GoPro out of the water, and measures the g-force while doing it!
@jen_dickson It's true! We've tested the cameras with a bunch of extreme professional athletes, the data capture is awesome.