Stop losing out on revenue due to failed payments in Stripe

Revively reduces delinquent churn by helping your business revive more failed payments via automated personalised messaging campaigns.
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Awesome to be on Product Hunt once again! :-) We genuinely get a real kick out of building things that help people save time and money, and Revively is no exception. In fact, it’s the most exact example of this that I can even think of! In a nutshell, Revively automates the entire dunning process by sending personalised messaging campaigns when you receive failed payments in Stripe. For those of you who aren’t sure what ‘dunning’ is, it’s the process of recapturing lost revenue from those users who are subscribed to pay for your product or service on a recurring basis. It’s absolutely staggering how much revenue is lost from not doing this properly every single month. Now where Revively really excels, is that although Stripe will send an email to your customers letting them know they have had a failed payment, what they DO NOT offer, is a way for your customers to update their info and make the payment, nor do they offer a way to send personalised messages to help make that failed payment a success, but Revively will :-) To celebrate our launch and to help as many companies as possible with delinquent churn, the first $250 of revived revenue is on us (No catch, no credit card, absolutely free!). Then it’s just a simple $250 (usually $1,000) one-time fee for unlimited revenue thereafter - so Revively really does pay for itself, and then just keeps on giving month-after-month - enjoy!
We've used Revively for Quuu for just over a month now and it's revived $3,000 as of today. Considering our MRR is $34,000 that is a damn good revival rate on almost 10% of revenue we may have completely needlessly lost. So damn happy that we have Revively to rely upon now each month. I think the fact that you only have to pay a one-off fee for a lifetime of revived revenue is a real differentiating factor that makes it a no brainer. Hope everyone else will agree!
Thanks for this.
@mooooorrisjjj you're welcome, hope you enjoy it!
Any plans on making this compatible with other payment processors as well? Would love to be able to use this for Shopify Payments and PayPal.
@codyarsenault5 We do have plans to build out the integration list but only for SAAS companies where users are charged on a recurring basis.
Tried to register but received a "technical error" each time.
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