Revision Path

Weekly interviews with Black creatives worldwide

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This podcast has been running for more than two years and highlights the careers and lives of Black designers and developers. Maurice also helps run the Black Weblog Awards, and you might have seen his AMA on STEAMrole. You can suggest future guests (including yourself) at: It's an inspiring project!
Hello Product Hunters! I'm Maurice Cherry, the founder/EIC at Revision Path. I'm here to answer any questions you may have about the website, the show, or about me! Revision Path helps showcase the talented Black web designers, graphic designers, web developers, and digital creatives around the world. Aside from the podcast (which is coming up on 100 episodes!), there's also longform interviews and original articles as well. With so much discussion around diversity in technology and design, my hope is that Revision Path is seen a source of inspiration and motivation.
@blendahtom Thanks Tom! Glad to be in such good company!
Hi Maurice! Love this new podcast discovery. Since I'm a new listener was wondering how the podcast or guests on the show work toward helping aspiring Black designers/developers/etc. Looking forward to hearing more from you!
@haleyparty Hello Haley! That's a great question. Since there's been a lot of episodes, I'll choose a few of them where the guests outline what work they do to help aspiring Black designers/developers: - Episode 5: Daphne Larose - Daphne also heads up the community BlackFemaleCoders, a place for Black women who are coders, software developers, etc. - Episode 14: Maurice Woods - Maurice is the founder and executive director of the Inneract Project, an organization that offers free design education to inner-city youth and their communities - Episode 39: Jacinda Walker - Jacinda is a graduate student at The Ohio State University and she does a LOT of mentoring for Black design students in the Columbus and Cleveland areas - Episode 43: Kimberly Bryant - Kimberly is the founder and executive director of Black Girls Code There's also design educators like De Angela Duff (Ep. 54), Silas Munro (Ep. 85), Tamika D. Williams (Ep. 86) and Dr. Christopher Charles Stewart (Ep. 42), long-time design advocates like Leon Lawrence III (Ep. 58) and Steve Jones (Ep. 13), and even an AIGA Medal winner (Emory Douglas, Ep. 15). As far as the podcast itself, through the show, I've been able to work with organizations like AIGA, Silicon Valley companies like Netflix and Facebook, and well-known brands like NIKE and Dell. The show also has a pretty strong audience of students and design educators looking for diverse voices to follow and learn about.