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Where are all these young but good developers coming from these days? 17 yo developer Patrick Balestra was one of the WWDC 2014 Student Scholarship recipients and collaborated with Max Bäumle on this app.
@emieljanson haha, you can check out a few more of them on http://wwdcstudents.co
iTunes Connect> Products> Reviews
@torbahax I'm lazy.
@emieljanson Fair enough, it looks like a cool app and I'm not downing the craftsmanship at all; but I think we tend to be a bit lax on actual feedback here sometimes. It's not off base to say that it will be an uphill battle charging $3 for an app that solves a problem Apple already solves for free in iTunes Connect.
@torbahax Hello, one of the two developers of the app here.  We used iTC for a lot of time and we thought that it wasn't good enough.  Reviews are one of the most important place to get user feedback. There is no way to see all the territories reviews all in once. You can filter by number of stars too. Translating reviews is a tap away and you don’t need to copy and paste multiple times. And one of the most important thing, you’re not notified at all when a new review is published.  About the price, we think it is relatively low compared to the value it will add to your development process.
@torbahax Although you can read reviews from your desktop quite easily I never do this. But, I can see myself checking the reviews when I'm at the toilet... ;)
@balestrapatrick Awesome reply Patrick, again great work. I monitor everything from my phone and it really is a pain to login to iTC every time I open it so I can see the value add for sure. Just trying to provide some solid feedback that I think you'll run into from other developers. Paywalls are rough on the App Store, maybe you can limit a few features and use an in-app purchase to upgrade while making the app itself free to download. Just my two cents, best of luck!
Many apps juice reviews and you have a lot of false positives. Faster access to bad data has its own issues. Kudos to you for taking the initiative on a problem you experienced.
This is a great start. Although aggregate trends on competitors or cohorts would be really interesting!
@arjunram Thanks. What do you mean more precisely?
@balestrapatrick Take an example of messaging apps - if I was a competitor in the same space of entering one - I would like to know the following - + /- trend for a competitor - group comments by text in the comments - for instance - good UI. bad permissions etc - - mention of competitors or other apps.
Love this ~ if it was product review Christmas come early I'd wish for a future where I could keyword search and then be able to email out the results to my team.
@millsustwo That's a great idea. So a simple search for a keyword would be nice?