Gamify user onboarding experience

Makers - Create gamified onboarding quests for your apps and games.
Hunters - Try out cool new products following through unique quests, and get paid.
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Hello hunters! Reviewhunt connects makers and hunters (who seek new cool products) by making new users onboarding experience super fun and effective. Grow early user base with step-by-step quest missions. You can run a holistic review campaign that leads users to: ✍️download/sign-up 🚀try out your core features 📲leave app reviews 🔊create buzz content via their social channels If you love to try out cool new products, you can join as a hunter and join the review campaigns. While following the serial quest missions, you get rewards. It turns your new product trial into a super fun game.
@andrew_cho Could you explain more about the financing model? I explored the quests and it didn't seem clear how Makers fund the Hunters coupons.
@abadesi Sure, Reviewhunt is basically crypto-based app. Hunters (users) get paid by HUNT token which is ERC20 based cryptocurrency. But makers have no need to consider these crypto complication. They can pay via credit card, and our payment solution automatically turns it into crypto (of course makers can pay directly via crypto too). For Product Hunters who received the voucher, they can just use the coupon without any payment for the small budgeted campaign by putting the coupon code when they submit their campaigns.
@abadesi so the hunters earn hunt tokens (erc-20) not coupons as such. companies load up their account with fiat in the normal way to budget for a campaign and the team converts to HUNT token balance, then the maker can build their own campaign out and set the amount per task they wish. i hope this helps you but i'm sure the main core team will jump in, this is my limited understanding as a mod elsewhere on the service -- also check out the for even more detail there.
@abadesi also the token is listed on coingecko --
@philcampbell thanks for sharing more info!
as a mod who's been working with the team for years now i can absolutely say that these guys are going somewhere and the product is solid. also, this is only part 2 of the timeline! the next part a decentralised hunt token powered 'kickstarter' style site is coming next -- get onboard the brand advocate and next generation influencer marketing tool today!
@pialejoana sorry i do not understand you.
@philcampbell That you are absolutely right when you affirm --- >>>> absolutely these types go somewhere and that the product is solid. :) Regards...
@pialejoana ah yes, i understand yes. i believe when they say they will do it, they do it! :) that's what i like about the team so much. dedication to the task!
This seems like a pretty awesome concept. Getting initial traction for any product today is really hard. I can see this being a new/better way for doing that. Great design btw!
@jon_ching Thanks so much 👍
Hey hey hey, good to see Reviewhunt in here!
@jun_gong i think people will be surprised that such a service exists when people start to leave or get shut down from youtube, they will be looking to not only run marketing campaigns for their own product portfolios but also to do reviews and get paid in crypto currency -- reviewhunt is positioned perfectly for this. One of my favorite dapps.
@philcampbell Very true. Decentralized technology promises to offer a new approach to protect data privacy, improve content regulation, and give out the incentives to all the valuable comments / work.
@jun_gong Hey hey hey!! Good to see you here too 😻
I have been with Hunt Platform since May 2018. First on Steemhunt and now on Reviewhunt. Good thing about Hunt platform is, they already have a large number of users' support, and after the launch of Reviewhunt, many makers have launched their products' campaigns on it. One thing is sure, Hunt platform (Reviewhunt) is changing the way, people used to interact with and/or attract towards a product, maker or company.