Automated review follow-ups for your business

Import your existing customers and invite them via Email or SMS to leave a review on pages like Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook or any other review platform.
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Jascha Burmeister
Web Developer
When my brother started his water damage restoration business we quickly recognized that we could beat the competition if we position the business well in the internet. One of our key driver is that we follow up with reviews, as this does build customer trust and increases search engine ranking. After some months automating and following up with our customers we moved to the first page of Google for multiple keywords. (grossing $60k+/month, 16 months old). To help other businesses as-well we created Reviewgrower.
Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
Really great product, a must for anyone looking to optimise local search results!
Looks promising and Lots of potential. Signed up and noticed some things that could be improved: - Multiple locations / businesses in an account vs creating a new account for clients, etc - Google icon for links - bug: email requests take up to several hours to send and more than 1 invite is sent. I received 68+ to my test email. Super random. Look forward to future updates and seeing more!