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I'm excited to see the interest here. The reverse dictionary is a project of mine from nearly 12 years ago. I haven't updated it much since then other than to add the two most commonly requested features: part-of-speech filtering and an API. Sergei, I agree that the search quality can use some work. It's a deceptively hard problem. In contrast to Web search, the documents being searched (dictionary definitions) are very short. Synonym expansion is essential to the current implementation, but it can sometimes cause the search to go off the rails. I've got a bit of time to improve the reverse dictionary over the coming months so I might take a crack at using more modern semantic representations, and expanding the training corpus. It's a very interesting problem!
@dougb dude so nice to virtually meet the maker of one of my most frequented tools. I don't know what I'd do without it. In fact, my latest app came from a search on this site!
First heard about this from an @jason Calacanis post: I've used it a bunch of times since then - really helpful for naming.
BTW, regarding stealing "SQ dudes" from Google: The Google search quality team (which includes more than "dudes", thankfully) has made great strides in serving dictionary-oriented queries the past few years. It's only a matter of time before they capture "reverse" search as well. (Indeed, some of the kinds of queries that the reverse dictionary gets can already be satisfied with a Google search.)
I use this tool constantly for naming products, coming up with synonyms or better ways to describe things in copy, and the list goes on and on. Invaluable tool
I use this all the time for App Store Optimization as well. =) Great hunt!