Remember names and details about the people you meet

Revere is a notes app for notes about people. It's a dedicated place to keep the details about the people you meet – like someone's family members, where they work, or how you met. And set reminders so you never forget to reach out on a special day or just say hello. Revere helps us build deeper and more meaningful relationships.

  • Lindsay Lapchuk
    Lindsay LapchukTechnology PR

    Beautifully simple, this app helps me keep track of important details about my friends and family.


    No cons yet. Looking forward to additional features - this app is on the right track.

    There's no better gift for the people you care about than "showing up" for them when it counts. This app helps me do that consistently, even when life gets hectic.

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  • Saadat Qadri
    Saadat QadriSr. Product Analyst @FreshBooks

    Helps you remember the important things about the people you love


    None yet - but have a huge list of feature requests for the Revere team!

    I'm terrible at remembering the "little" but important details about the people I meet - names of their kids, their birthdays, their hobbies and passions. Revere changed that for me. I use it as a personal "CRM" for the people I love.

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Hi everyone, I’m really happy to share with you my first personal app, Revere. I’ve always been bad with names and details about people and it caused me a lot of social anxiety. I would regularly go to events/parties and re-introduce myself to someone or avoid people because I couldn’t remember their names. It got bad enough that I'd avoid going out if I could. I looked around for an app to help but everything was focused on business or sales people or hard to use. So I built something for regular people, like me. And it made a huge difference! I would remember people’s names the next time I saw them, I got to know my neighbours and people at the local coffee shop – going out actually became fun. For me, having a place to put those names and notes made all the difference. If any of my story rings true or if you’re already good with people but want a single place organize everything, I think you’ll find Revere useful. 🚀 And, Revere is 50% off in the App Store right now to celebrate the launch 🚀 PS – I’ve been working on this for awhile but just getting started. I’m always thinking about new features so I’d love to hear what would be useful to you and your experiences. ❓What do you always forget? 🚫🧠 ❓Any embarrassing stories? 😭 ❓How do you remember things today? 🤔
People's names!! But now I look super impressive when I meet someone again thanks to your app 👍 😎
Love it!!!!!
Great way to stay connected in a world where people are becoming more and more disconnected.
Is !revere-3 available for android?
@hasan_diwan Hey Hasan, we've got Android on our minds for sure but are still a small group so we're going to stay focused on iOS for the next while.
@markrabo quelle domage -- I could write a simple Android app for you in under a day. Let me know?
I have a simple system to work these in my journaling app, DayOne. Tempting and it seems super well put together, but not as good for me as my current workflow — which involves exclusively minor professional notes. I’m not a big fan of using systems to mimetize interest, memory or in-depth knowledge about relationships that if otherwise already were meaningful, would require no note taking.
@lyondhur That's really interesting. Do you use Day One for journaling and people or just for people? I'm curious how you do that. And for your other point, do you mean you're not a fan of using systems for your most important relationships because they're already more memorable?