Subscription analytics built on top of your billing system

RevenueStory gives you easy and powerful subscription analytics for business. It ties your product metrics with revenue metrics and customer behaviour. RevenueStory is built on top of your billing system in Chargebee, so you get to see how your subscriptions, product plans catalog and revenue impact each other to drive your growth.

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Hey, ProductHunters! We built RevenueStory as a business intelligence framework for subscription analytics. But, more importantly, we designed it to go beyond just giving a subscription business more data. RevenueStory provides you the capability to see the right data through the right lens while equipping you with the flexibility to explore root cause. Why RevenueStory over any other tool? RevenueStory for Chargebee helps subscription businesses access and take decisions based on their recurring revenue metrics by grounding them with the most fundamental questions they have everyday (and the means to get the answers to them) like: Is my business growing or shrinking? How well is my free trial working? Should my marketing invest in a coupon campaign? Are my customers leaving because of a sales problem or a product-scale issue? What RevenueStory lets you do: Dive into exactly where things are going wrong. Break metrics down into individual components you can champion your business towards. Bring every KPI that ties into a common goal, together. Measure progress towards the objectives that matter - whether it’s acquiring new customers or keeping the ones already with you happy. The same metrics mean different things, depending on which side of the cubicle you view it from. Build and share dashboards for marketing, sales, success, finance and CXOs with the stories they care about. Why is it only for Chargebee users? Revenue data cannot be debatable - it needs to be the absolute, undoubtable source of truth. We wanted to ground the analytics and data in RevenueStory with this layer of truth that Chargebee is able to provide. By tying in deeply with Chargebee, RevenueStory is able to mix revenue information with the specific customer, and service level data like plans and usage to provide a complete 360° view of the story. Ask us anything you want to know about RevenueStory for Chargebee on ProdctHunt or Twitter! My Twitter handle is - @samjagannathan
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Wow. This is going to be super helpful. Good going Chargebee Team. Can it also do predictions based on growth %?
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@nivasravi thanks. Not yet. Could you elaborate what you would like to see? Is that just related to revenue or projections across various parameters including churn etc?
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@cbkrish I was looking for a projections calculator based on different parameters that affect it. If say we reduce churn by so much we could hit our revenue goal faster or so. I was thinking this would help teams realise the importance of how revenue is affected based on other params. And also help focus more on retention vs acquisition or so.
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@nivasravi Thanks. It cannot predict the future. But what it CAN do is help you identify the right levers to boost your growth. For example, it lets you view your growth as the result of new user acquisitions, free customers converting to paid, and existing customers expanding with you. From there, you can dive into your trial to active conversion lead time and optimize it, identify the channel that brings in highest quality leads and double down on that, or understand your churn reasons and plug the leak.
@nivasravi Brilliant. So what you are suggesting is something like a scenario analysis for teams to understand the impact they can bring to the table. Is that right?
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Awesome product. Gives clear metrics from a high level on how things run across all departments. Executive watch is very interesting and churn cohorts gives us clear picture on what kind of customers should be targeted.
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Kudos to the Chargebee team -- we've had early access to RevenueStory and it's made Chargebee even more valuable to our team. We track week-to-week how our core metrics are changing from a marketing view, while finance and product can look at month-to-month or q/q metrics. It's well polished and the ability to create your own dashboards really helps with each person's unique needs.
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s/o @matttharp who hunted this first although it wasn't featured at the time.
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@matttharp - thanks for the earlier hunt, and thanks @abadesi. One of the biggest changes over the last week is we've now setup a sandbox account so you can demo and play around RevenueStory right away (no integrations, or wait queues :D)
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