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Get rid of your notebook to keep track of the movies you've seen! Thanks to Revelio App, access this information at anytime while keeping up with upcoming movies and movies to watch.
Soon available : add friends and see which movies you have in common
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I was hoping it would be easy to look through categories or genres and check off movies. Having to search for movies by title kind of defeats the purpose because then I have to remember everything I’ve seen. If you had something like comedy, drama, action, top 100, 90s, 80s, etc. it would make this app much more useful :)
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@nicksimard i want to improve the searchbar in that way. Maybe add the actor filter ;) thanks for the feedback
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@nicksimard Seconded - I love the ability to keep track of movies coming soon (so helpful!) but searching by genre would be a great addition.
How do you compete with Letterboxd?
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@arecenello thanks for asking :) I want users who want to go to the cinema can easily see what movies they can see with whom. For now, I'm getting closer to Letterboxd.
@arecenello After seeing Revelio I went looking for other apps and I found Letterboxd. Honestly, it's pretty amazing and has a huge community. I've been having fun making lists there :)

This app is really simple and fast and does what it advertises well. I’m looking forward to more updates, especially social features!


Efficient navigation (swipe controls to add a movie to your watchlist), very complete database and simple signup



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Does this product sync with 2.0?
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@niklaspivic666 Revelio is currently plugged to I'm going to dig into offers and how far I can interact with
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@jessi_wil11 Thanks ;) i'm really excited about this first app