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Hi Product Hunters, I’m Mike, CEO & Co-Founder of Revealytics. We’re excited to announce the launch of ​Revealytics Bot for Slack! Revealytics bot reveals your SaaS metrics using your Stripe data. You can just have all your key metrics delivered right to your Slack channel! Our SaaS-analytics Slack bot which uses Stripe data and can currently show: - 30-day overview of key metrics with growth rates for each (MRR, CLTV, Net Revenue, Churn Rate, ARPA, Total Customers, Refunds, Transaction Fees) - MRR breakdown (Net, New, Churn, Expansion, Contraction, Reactivation, Overall) - Info on Customers (Total, Upgraded, Downgraded, New, Lost) Take it for a spin. We would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
Good project, thanks!
Ok, will test it.
This is awesome, love that you calculate churn mrr as well!
@liveink Thank you, Kevin!