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Put your Facebook Ads on autopilot & track them in Slack



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Mikhail Trofimov — CEO & Co-founder of Revealytics
Hello hunters!

As you remember from our launch on October Reveal is the first virtual ad account manager to connect Facebook Ads with Slack.

So with Reveal Automation you can set any rules for your ad campaigns and our virtual ad account manager will handle your ads for you, alert you in Slack when something important happens and will let you manage your ad campaigns through the messenger.

Soon, when we connect Google Adwords, Twitter and Bing ads, Reveal will be able to automate the ads and show your overall ad performance instantly across multiple ad platforms.

Feel free to share your feedback! Cheers!
Chris Messina — 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
This looks super useful for teams coordinating Facebook ad buys within Slack. Great example of business process integration in a conversational context!
Iskander Musaev — CCO & Co-Founder, Revealytics Inc.
@chrismessina indeed, the folks who run multiple campaigns at a time or manage tons of ad accounts have already found it useful. Thanks so much for the positive feedback Chris!
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