A smartwatch with wearable wireless storage (pre-launch)

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Thank you @v4violetta for hunting us! My name is Elia, and I work with ReVault as community manager. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. We have also set up a Hunter $15-off deal for the community that will be open for 24 hours. An interesting fact about ReVault is that it has been created through the crowdsourced feedback from 2000 early adopters. This includes everything from features, design, name, logotype, and branding. Happy to meet you!
@tribaling Looks cool, I'm all for indie smartwatches, though I question how they'll be able to compete with the Apples and Googles of the world. Of course, 20 years ago we were saying the same thing about Apple vs Microsoft and IBM and HP, so who knows. As I see it, there are two likely scenarios: Either an indie smartwatch company (like Pebble or your company) will go huge and dominate the market, or the big guys will continue to dominate the market, but indie devs will make big money on accessories (ala incase and mophie).
@msitver Yes, it will be interesting to see. We are attacking this from two angles: 1) Most people do not trust their files in the cloud (2 independant studies show between 70-90%, and who can blame them). Governments and big corporations certainly do not, because they all use private clouds. However, neither Apple or Google will create a smartwatch with wearable wireless storage anytime soon, because it disrupts their cloud business. So that's why ReVault will most likely continue to be unique in comparison to the giants you mention. 2) We are more open and support Android, IOS, OS X, Windows and Linux. For the same reason, we don't have to protect one particular eco-system. Curious to hear your thoughts on that. :)
@tribaling Clever! Best of luck.
This is awesome and it's affordable. I don't wear watches, but this can also be put on your keys, on a chain, etc. And oh look - it's from Sweden. These guys didn't just kick butt on Eurovision, they are now taking over. :D
@v4violetta yep, like the Sved collective:
@bogomep LOL! Wasn't it called SVEN?
Hunters get special $15 off perk!
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@zacdavies Our ambition was to select fixed funding, but that would not allow us to collect Paypal or Stripe payments (indiegogo rules). Regardless, we did reach our funding goal within 2 days and are now exploring further stretch goals together with our backers.