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So one of the most useful things for me is tracking expenses as they happen otherwise I forget to add them later (or have the headache of logging into online banking software just to see what I spent - transactions usually don't show up on statements until after a few days which is annoying). You Need a Budget does this well with their mobile app - so if for example I eat at a restaurant, I can easily add the expense using the app on my iPhone in the moment and see how much money I have remaining for my monthly food budget. Do you have plans to bring Revaluate to mobile in a similar way?
@daiyaan Thanks for the question. We've launched the web version so we can gain momentum and start getting valuable feedback from our users. Our main focus is now to improve the ways people can track their expenses. You are right about the mobile applications, so that's on top of our list. We will also add popular integrations, (right now working on Slack), that will allow adding the expenses in the quickest way possible. Also, to improve the way you can track expenses with your family, we want to implement the collaboration on your account so you can easily share an account with your spouse or friends.
Track your expenses in your wallet by adding the price, the category you spent that on and optionally a description that is more meaningful to you.
@neerajt4 Thanks for submitting Revaluate! :)
@sorinpantis All the best! :)
Hm, interesting. Curious to see this when it's more full featured. The graphs and tracking feel like a very similar approach to how Simple Bank works:
@geekgirlweb Thanks for your thoughts! We are working on some really cool features so bookmark it for later use or follow @revaluateapp on Twitter. :)
Hate entering anything manually. Is there an app that can just parse my monthly credit card statement and draw some plots?
@davydyoung there are some apps out there that automatically connect to your bank account (see Mint), however the usecase is rather different. The automated systems are good for seeing your total income/expenses and your transactions, but if you want to manage budgets or understand your spending habits, some extra work is required. Automatically detecting category is quite error prone and more than that, you don't know what happened with the cash money. We want to add as less friction as possible though, so we are focusing on improving the way you can add your expenses.
Congrats, Great app, I really like the Interface, keep it up!
@maurosicard Thanks for your kind words! :)