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I usually don't download news apps (Circa is my go to) but this one really has a unique approach to delivering video content that I haven't experienced before. That is, you select how long you want your news program to be and start watching. If you don't like what you're watching just swipe to the next story. Want more, just increase your program length. Curious to see what other folks think about this one. It's almost like Yahoo Digest with video. I also wonder how these clips and being produced and stitched together.
Incredible app design! The best I've seen in 2015 so far. Not sure about the business model though...
@marmelroy agree regarding the design, the transitions are pretty incredible too (selecting the program length even has some pretty great subtle effects). Not sure about the business model either... I actually had no idea there was a subscription part to the app until I read the Guardian article.
@rustydingo We didn't want to interrupt a user's viewing experience by promoting it constantly within the news program. However, if you check the main menu, there is an option to watch your news "ad-free" by buying a subscription. ~ Alisha
The ability to choose the amount of time you have is just everything.