Awesome typography photo editor for iOS



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Duane Wilson✌️HunterPro@helloduane · I like Designing & Building Products
Have been having lots of fun with this app, plenty of preset to play with though making your own seems more difficult that needed - very easy to lose your work. It's currently free from Starbucks rewards as well.
Sarp Erdag@sarperdag · Developer of Typorama & Videorama Apps
Similar to Typorama App :)
Melissa Monte@melissamonteee · Director of Media & Startup Growth
I love these types of apps. Confession: I have a folder on my iPhone called captions and it's filled with WordSwag, Studio, DesignShop, Kanvas, Over, and recently added Adobe Post.... and now this... again. I actually have already downloaded this but of course if it's on ProductHunt I want everything to do with it again. :-)
Sarp Erdag@sarperdag · Developer of Typorama & Videorama Apps
@melissamonteee Check out Typorama as well :) Went up to #3 on PH.