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Simplifying unemployment benefits after COVID-19

Hey Independent Contractors, Self Employed, and Gig Workers! In case you didn't realize, you are now able to get unemployment benefits for the first time thanks to the CARES Act and COVID-19 relief programs. This site is meant to be your guide to new benefits.
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Been waiting for something like this! Love it. Thanks yall
@tim_connors we're glad you like it Tim! Let us know if there's anything you wish we included, we want to make sure it's hitting all the right notes.
Hi PH! We've been following the recent news about the CARES Act and the stimulus bill, noting how difficult it is to distill the information down into useable next steps. For the first time ever independent contractors, gig workers, and the self-employed are eligible for unemployment benefits. Our goal is to help guide these essential workers through the process, and to keep our economy moving. On, you can see: 1) Which of the major relief programs you are eligible for 2) Find your state and whether they are accepting applications 3) See the amount you may receive 4) Learn about applying for Paycheck Protection Since most government websites are old, outdated, and difficult to find, our aim is to simplify the process for people who have never applied for government benefits. Let's fight the impacts of COVID-19, and help keep the economy moving! - RTW Team
Great resource! Valuable tool for job seekers.
@cheryl_bondy We hope so! Thanks for having a look Cheryl, glad it's providing some value!
Fantastic resource for those impacted providing very specific information on available assistance and how to access it.
@rana_simonds Thanks Rana! The amount of information can definitely be overwhelming... I don't think we've read this much congressional bill language in a long time (ever)!
Love this idea. Nice to see talent and time put towards such an impactful project. Bravo!
@allen_knight Cheers Allen! Let's hope we beat this pandemic quick so sites like ours aren't quite as necessary!!