Return of the Likes

Instagram likes and comments available again!

Instagram is removing the ability to view the number of likes and comments from all posts. We make them available again with a FREE Google Chrome extension.
The extension displays the number of likes and comments of all Instagram posts.
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5 Reviews2.0/5
The perfect tool for social media professionals who need a quick progress view of the number of likes and comments received when working with third parties - especially during special activations, collaborations with other brands or with influencers.
Really happy to see it launched here as well 😍
Wow 😍Now, that Instagram is hiding likes in some areas, this tool is very useful. Great job, @socialinsiderio ❀️
Instagram is hiding Like counts to make people feel better. If you want to research your influencer network, this tool is for you πŸ‘Š made by this awesome team @andrei_serbanoiu @lozanteo @mariaganta2
Something we all need these days. Great job, team!
@luciana_nitu Thanks ❀️