Return, the first app to never get lost again !

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Tarik Kurspahic
Tarik Kurspahic@tariktech · EVP Technology | CTO TeamData
I will give it a whirl :) The apple watch integration has sold me on the ability to mark my parking spot quickly when flying or street parking over a long period of time...
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
But what if I lost my phone 😭?! haha Cool idea :) This way you wouldn't have to put different tags like The O on everything ha!
Mike Luo
Mike Luo@azianmike · A software engineer hungry for startups
Inhan Do
Inhan Do@status_200_ok
Can I use it without wifi if I save my location once?
Kersten Broich
Kersten Broich@kersten_broich · iOS Developer
Nice idea!