An alternative Twitter interface for hardcore users

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Hey guys, this project was a result of my frustration with Twitter's UI. I use Twitter 99% as a newsreader, and Twitter's web UI is not really optimized for that kind of usage. Here are some of the highlights: 1. Get rid of modals 2. Thereby allowing for multitasking on Twitter (read through a comment thread on the right side while scanning the feed on the left, scanning the feed while watching a Youtube video on a Tweet, etc.) 3. Also minimize the number of clicks people have to make (by auto-expanding all vertical images, etc.) I actually wrote a post that elaborates on this--why I built this, and how this improves upon Twitter's own web interface, and why it's best for lazy people like me as well as hardcore Twitter users--please check it out: Maybe it's just me who feel this frustration, but I guess the only way to find out if others feel the same way is to build something and listen. Would love feedback!
Woaahhhh nice work ha! Something is telling me you wanted to emphasise images/media? πŸ€”
@bentossell Thanks! Yes, that was one factor. Also another was having to click less. Actually wrote a post on this, haven't published yet, but will update here soon!
Brilliant work. Love it!
Nice work @gliechtenstein, great idea and frankly a huge improvement on the current UI. However I *do* like to see what's trending, at least somewhere. Is that something you could fit in as a toggle option?
@cyberneticdave thanks! maybe i'll just open source this so anyone can add features :)
Revolutionary. I had stopped even trying to read my twitter stream in Twitter -- I have been using Flipboard as a better way to go. This might turn me around.
@stoweboyd Thank you! good to hear you feel the same way!