Simple Kanban Style Retrospective Tool

Hey Scrum masters, are you looking for a super simple way to run post sprint / project retrospectives with your teams? Look no further!

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Because who can say, hand on heart, that we do this well now! Similar to Pre Deployment and User Acceptance Testing, we have this tendency to make this too hard or too foreboding for the target people to use. Then, it doesn't get done. Lets be honest here; these things aren't too hard, it's perception and/or the wrong tools. I like this makers focus on bringing the simplicity out of processes we have made seem difficult. (see Bugfeedr for Jira).
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@valley_software Thanks for this reply Rob, appreciate it. So many tools try to be so many things and end up crazy expensive and become a distraction. People seem to forget the power of simple.
Hello Product Hunt Friends! I'm super excited to announce the launch of, a super simple Retrospective tool for teams. isn’t trying to be a big, complicated retrospective tool like some of the others out there. Our goal is to keep it simple for you and your team, no need to manually add team members to a board like you would have to do in Trello. Want to give it a spin? Check out this public board we created to keep track of our top 10 favorite movies: We hope you'll give it a try!