Three smileys and a hashtag. Connecting made simple.

Retroscope is a new social network app, using the universal language of smileys and the power of maps. Just one tap and a few hashtags to track, map and share your mood, on any topics or places. Connecting made simple.

Follow your family and friends’ feelings. Explore the crowdsourced world moodmap. Give real-time emotional feedbacks and reviews.



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NicoMaker@mukumuk · Co-founder Retroscope, prev.
Dear Product Hunt community, After a few weeks in the app store to gauge interest… we are now ready to spread the word. Today is the day! Retroscope is 🚀 How are you feeling today? Did you like that restaurant? And what about that Trump latest tweet? With just one tap and a few hashtags, Retroscope allows you to: - follow your family and friends’ feelings - share and log your mood and remember locations - recommend or discover places (restaurant, museum, etc.) - explore the mood around you and in the world, and filter by trends - give real-time emotional feedbacks and reviews on any trends, places, events, brands, business, PH product, etc. - engage live in TV reality shows or debates - track and share trips, etc. Connecting made simple! Retroscope is a new social network app, using the universal language of smileys and the power of maps. But what makes it different from other app is its simplicity and convenience. In an environment with rambling Facebook posts and tweets with too many characters, Retroscope aims to make its user experience more streamlined. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and to learn from you. Plenty of ideas are in the pipeline, but we need first to know what you think of the concept and what would be your favorite use of Retroscope. We count on your support to add more color to our crowdsourced “mood map”! You might first use the app together with some friends, colleagues and family to share and follow your moods. And maybe you could post a mood with the hashtags #ProductHunt #Retroscope, and search what and where your favorite product lovers, hunters and makers are posting about it. Why the name Retroscope? Daily horoscopes pretend to predict your day ahead. ‘Retro’ means backward, ‘scope’ indicates an instrument (or a phone/app in our case) for seeing. With Retroscope, you don’t predict, you tell about your day. So I guess we can say, "Retroscope? A horoscope that actually works…” Thanks everyone Nico
Leroy Etienne
Leroy Etienne@etienne_l · co-founder, V360, sharalike
Cool concept , I like the simplicity of it . How did you get the idea?
Adrien Coye de Brunélis
Adrien Coye de BrunélisMaker@acoye · iOS dev
@etienne_l Thanks for the feedback. @mukumuk came up with the idea at a Startup Weekend and can probably tell you more about it.
NicoMaker@mukumuk · Co-founder Retroscope, prev.
@etienne_l thanks for the feedback! We pitched the idea at a Startup Weekend (in 2014...). Back then, on other available social networks, users were sharing contents to get reactions from their followers, but they rarely expressed their own emotion first, as the main and central content. But when we post on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp etc., we usually have emotions attached to this content, we share what makes us happy or sad, and that's what Retroscope wanted to focus on. We also wanted to create an app that makes communication simple and universal, and we came up with the minimalistic idea of using just these 3 smileys on the map as a very powerful tool we can use for many things (maybe too many). We also wanted these data easy and available for searching, with the possibility of navigating the map, filtering with keywords etc.. Hope that's help?