Answer 5 questions a week, get work happiness reports

#4 Product of the DayJune 14, 2015
I like this. Something super simple that I can ask my team to do once a week, without distracting. The simplicity is key. I am a big fan of the slider for rating scales as opposed to stars, etc. I would like to be able to edit, and/or maybe add a question or two, maybe have a limit to keep true to concept but allow say 10? Also a dashboard for a manager to see and fwd survey to team members. Team ain't happy, startup ain't happy. Really hard to get that info if you work with polite, heads down workers like I am lucky enough too. Looking fwd to progression on this.
The idea behind Retroospect was inspired from our collective experience of doing retrospectives in agile work environments. We think the process is very useful from both an individual and team perspective and we would like to encourage more of it and make it more accessible. A lot of the time though, the data collected at retrospectives is lost (written on sticky notes, whiteboards, etc) and not stored for later use. From an individual, and possibly team, perspective this is something we are interesting in addressing. I can't speak for anyone else but weeks just go by and I rarely remember back to some of the positives and negatives I had from 2+ sprints ago, nor do I remember if all of them were effectively addressed. Retroospect, in its current iteration, is an experimental application to provide a way to record your personal feelings towards aspects that usually feed into the retrospective process. We ask you 5 questions at the end of each week and, over time, we are able to show trends in each aspect.
Nice work, simple to use. Global average between all users is 5.4 - Surprised! Thanks for sharing.