A fun simple tool for agile retrospectives

#2 Product of the DayDecember 26, 2019 is a tool for teams that want to flourish and have impactful retros every single time. It helpsremote or co-located teams improve their performance with retrospectives.
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Couple of months ago I started working with a distributed team and It was quite a hassle working together and even more of hassle is how to up with having some retrospectives to find solution to improve our working new arrangement. Looked online for similar tools to but what I found mostly lack features or looked tacky
@adetunji_akinbiyi you made this in a month? that's awesome congrats! looks neat. would be cool to be able to play with it without making an account
@thesoupmeat thanks took way more than a month. Thanks
Looks great! How do you plan to help people keep track of resolutions - would be great to integrate with asana, trello or other tool to track action items that come out of retro. Also would love to see a demo video or something else to get a sense of UX
@ope_bukola Thanks for your feedback we have these in backlog and will share a video soon ..thanks
I tried the product, it seemed it can help us to hold much better retro meetings, I will try it in our next retrospective meeting. But I had to register and create issues,... to see how it works it would be nice to have a demo dashboard or a video demo to introduce the product in your homepage.
@jusef Thanks for your feedback. We are working on a video to better illustrate the features of the product from the homepage
There is a word improve twice in the third sentence. It may be a good idea to re-write it πŸ™‚
@savelii Thanks for spoting that will be fixed right away
Looks great! Will definitely give it a detailed look later. How do you differ to other remote retro tools?
@davidjoech for one thing we are have invested time in better experience ..give it a try let me have your review