Retro Space Posters

The JPL Visions of the Future space posters on 100lb paper

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Jessica Logan
  • Jessica Logan
    Jessica LoganLoves science, tech, travel, books

    I already have recommended it :-)


    No improvements needed

    Beautiful designs...there are several of these I really love.

    Jessica Logan has never used this product.
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Devon Campbell
Devon CampbellHunter@raddevon · Leave your 💩 job to become a developer!
These things were posted on HN not long ago, but there's no way to buy them from JPL. This site will sell you a full set on 100lb paper for about $10/each.
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Pretty cool. Would be nice to see an actual photo of a print.
Taurean Bryant
Taurean Bryant@_taurean · Design Generalist.
wondering about quality. I bought three of them from Invisible Creature's storefront for a lot more.