Retro Jam

Music from Your Lifetime

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I love the url ( of this site -- the .am TLD is perfect for nostalgic music! I'd love an alternate url evoking the call sign of an AM station, like
Lets you see what was popular year-by-year (centered around the US education system). I was surprised by how recent some things were.
@ellenchisa tries to base the selections off of the school year, but it doesn't actually use the release date of the single, so half of the songs are in the wrong year. Less crucially, you can't correct it if you're sorted into the wrong class year (although I admit this is an edge case). For example, Thrift Shop is in my 'Junior Playlist' when it actually came out the summer after I graduated college... :P
@ellenchisa @jeffkinson I was sorted into the wrong class year too! High five for edge cases. But, close enough.
This is fantastic. Brings back a lot of memories. Also plays really well into @rrhoover's previous posts about nostalgic products.
This is really cool. I like the yearbook approach to it. I've been wanting to make a play list like this. But now its done! Nice job. :-)