Instagram viewer for iPad

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Hi all, thanks for the love. We both use our iPad a lot and love Instagram. Retro was built out of frustration for a better experience viewing on iPad. The name Retro comes from the fact the original Instagram made your photo look kinda "retro". We also love the square format of Instagram, thus the icon (square with a flower - indicate a photo). One major problem with the app is it cannot post photo to Instagram, the API doesn't allow 3rd party apps to post (except for a few whitelisted one). While this kinda sucks I understand they want to control the platform. It's hard enough with all the spam problem. Overall it is a nice experience working with Instagram API.
Been using this in the past few days, really like the smoothness and switching between the different views. Would love to be able to consume Vine in the same way, anything in the pipeline that does that @huytoan_pc & @xuki ?
@PieterPaul hey thanks for posting Retro :). We're working on the next release of Retro and some side projects, so no Vine for now. On a side note, I occasionally use Vine but I secretly prefer GIF 😳.
@xuki How relevant with today's collection! :) Looking forward to the next release, anything you can spill? ;)
@PieterPaul Retro may or may not work on new devices and new sizes ;).
@xuki I may or may not condone such obvious obfuscation.
Also check out another Instagram-based product, Lattergramme, an app for scheduling broadcasting of photos.