Fun and effective agile retrospectives for distributed teams

Retrium gives you access to popular retrospective facilitation techniques and includes features to help your team feel safe, prioritize follow up, and track progress. We help teams - colocated and distributed - have successful retrospectives every single time.
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Niicee! I really like your implementation. My team and I will try it on the next retrospective :) Congratulations!
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@peteliev great! Let me know how it goes :)
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I used Retrium last week to facilitate a LeanCoffee conversation (Not just Retros) among a group of Certified Scrum Trainers. Trust me facilitating, facilitators is hard. Retrium helped me.
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@mlevison That's great to hear! I'll share with the team :)
Hey PH! My name is David. I co-founded Retrium because of a personal pain point (I couldn't figure out how to run a good retro with a distributed team) and didn't want anyone else to experience the same problem. As the world is making real changes in their personal and professional lives in response to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are looking for resources and tools to help them make this transition. This is why we’re launching Retrium here today. Here are some of the benefits of using Retrium: πŸŽ‰ Keep your retros fun and engaging via a wide variety of facilitation activities, including Lean Coffeeβ„’, Start Stop Continue, Team Radar, and more πŸŽ“ No facilitation experience? No problem! Retrium teaches you about facilitation as you run your retro 🌀 Maintain psychological safety and eliminate groupthink with private brainstorming 🎯 Teams can work together to group similar topics into themes πŸ₯‡ Prioritize your discussion based on dot voting ⏱ Keep your team focused by timeboxing discussion βœ… Follow through on your action items by maintaining an action plan (or export it and view it elsewhere!) πŸ“š Look back at prior retrospectives to remember what you talked about last week, last month, or even last year Retrium is always free for 30 days and you can start your free trial by signing up at I’d love to hear any and all feedback from the PH community on how we can make Retrium better fit your needs, especially as teams are actively looking for more tools that help remote teams be successful. And, of course, if you have any questions, I’d love to connect directly or through the comments below. Stay safe, David
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This is awesome 😍
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