Take back $162,125 you are losing in 401(k) fees

Retire is a free dashboard to help bring to light hidden fees in retirement savings, which can eat away at up to a third of your savings. We then make it super simple to track and monitor your 401(k) and retirement accounts.
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Hey PH, A pair of first-time makers here. We were both working in finance, but finally made the leap and left the dark side a few months ago to start Retire. Retire is a dashboard to help people track their retirement savings and bring attention to hidden fees that could be eating away at hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement savings. If you’re like us, you have a few 401(k) accounts from prior employers and have never really paid attention to what is going on. We wanted to build a tool that made it as easy as possible to keep up-to-date and know how your savings are invested. A few other features we’ve built: 💸 Aggregate multiple accounts - no need to log in to multiple providers 📈 Track your contributions - see where you are vs. the annual limit ($19,000 for 2019) 📊 See your fees - get a breakdown of what you’re paying in fees for each account We’ve got a lot more features on the way, but excited to share v1 with the world. Love to get some feedback and happy to answer questions! Tyler & Bill ************** How do we think about security? We’ve integrated with Plaid to be able to pull your account info from your financial institution. As a result, we never get access to your account credentials and we can never make changes to your account (we’re read-only). We also encrypt the data on our servers. How did we get $162,125? We got this number by looking at what we describe as a ‘typical’ user. Somebody with 40 years left until retirement, putting away a few hundred dollars each month, earning 6% each year on what they put away and starting with a balance of about $25,000.
Super cool what the team has built here Tyler & Bill. Love the "See your fees" feature that let's you get a breakdown of current plan. UX feels clean and smooth. Excited to see what else the team builds.
@kenny_z Thanks, Ken! We're working our hardest so make retirement savings more approachable so more people will engage. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional thoughts/comments/feedback!
Love this idea. So many 401k products hide their straight up S&P 500 funds and push their high commission products to users.