Gaze tracking heatmaps and analytics for VR apps

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These VR heat maps could be interesting @abarrica
@writerpollock @abarrica We think they're more than interesting ;) We think they're solving a real problem in VR and we're hell-bent on creating the new grammar & U/X principles for VR with this tool.
@alexanderhaque @abarrica @writerpollock @retinadvr And once you're done with your little gathering, we should really talk :)
This is really awesome! I got the chance to demo the Hololens the other day and it had this type of capability. I am curious to know how they see this being different? I assume you can build this into apps you can use across multiple platforms? How does this change things? (excuse my ignorance, non-dev here)
@troy_ruediger Hi Troy, Thanks for the love! We've put our heart and soul into making a VR analytics platform that developers, VR Studios, CMOs and everyone in between can appreciate and use. In that sense, we're nothing like the hololens although we are working on being compatible with AR devices such as Meta, Hololens etc How does Retinad work? We're a super-simple, light&delicious plugin. If you’re using Unity, we’ve made it so simple it’s rather ludicrous. Just follow the 5 minute integration tutorial. Not using Unity? Don’t worry we play nice with custom engines. Just let us know. What can I start tracking? Our analytics give you key insights into how your VR content is performing in a few ways: 1 What specific areas of your experience are drawing the most & least engagement 2 The area’s average duration of user engagement 3 The most frequent and reoccurring user attention patterns throughout the experience 4 Much more. We’re developing this tool closely with our users. Don’t be shy, come work with us ☺
@alexanderhaque this is really awesome, great work! I am not currently working directly with VR but I do know a good amount of people who are. I run a sports tech slack community ( and we have a good amount of people doing stuff in the VR space. One specifically is Andre Lorenceau, from LiveLikeVR, they are doing some really awesome stuff. I think they could really use this platform! I will make sure to share the with him. 😉
@troy_ruediger Good stuff on being a builder! We know Andre, tell him we say hi :) Would love to talk to the sports community. Sports and VR has massive potential. Just ask strivrlabs and Jeremy Bailensen!
@alexanderhaque would love to have you join our community, if you shoot me your email I can send over an invite. Could be good to maybe drop in everyone once in a while. I will mention to Andre haha he's a good guy, they are doing some cool stuff.
@troy_ruediger @troy_ruediger Likewise! A few things to that end: Our HQ is in beautiful Montreal and I'm based out of the @UploadVR Collective in SF and @Rothenberg Ventures HQ. I also help run the Non-Gaming VR meetup with @clssmitty and would love to spearhead something with you :)
How do you track the iris? There is no standardized visual channel i.e. cam that could capture ones eyes, in the headsets are there? I assume you simply take the presumed center of the headset's position.
@andmitsch Good catch! We're not quite tracking the iris aka Foveated rendering-- so you're right that its headset positional tracking-- except we've gotten as close to eye-tracking as possible using only the headset movement data!
I am in for integrating it into our VR app!
Check out GazeRecorder WebCam Eye Tracking for usability testing