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Rethinker helps you develop and improve professionally. Our platform integrates a toolbox of AI-powered apps, in-person career coaching and job placement. We guide you through an end-to-end framework which helps you achieve your own specific goals, right now!
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Want to try it when will decide to change job
@jenniferrrrrooo More than happy to welcome you Jennifer once you are ready. One mention as well: Rethinker is also for people who want to improve at their job and develop in their current careers. So i suggest you still give it a try, even if you aren't looking for a new job right now, as it might be of help still ;)
Excited to be featured here and have people read about our mission! If only I would have six arms to code faster and add more valuable features to Rethinker ;-) I hope you will join us, follow our progress and are pumped about what we're building.
Great job!!😊 Will check it out!
@ayush_chandra Thanks, we highly appreciate it! Please do let us know how you like it, and any ideas or feedback would be very useful :)
Does it have test simulation of the interview?
@richardkendri hey Richie. Not yet, but we're working on something cool for that as we speak! Would you be interested to test it? If so, just sign up and then drop me an email at i'll then come back to you once you can play with it :)
@alexragalie okay thank you!
After 5 career changes and countless professional frustrations in the last 12 years, i've decided to do something about improving the way in which tech can be used to develop yourself faster and better. I deeply feel for the pain and fear of those trapped in unfulfilling jobs, and i hope that through Rethinker my cofounder and I will be able to make a difference in their lives. The Future of Work looks very different for you and me, and "winter is coming" in very literal senses for most careers and job tracks. I hope that Rethinker can be there for you, to help and guide you through the constant changes. So please give it a try, and let me know if i can help you directly as well, in any way related to your professional development or career track. P.S - We're still in Beta, so lots of things will change and be improved in the coming weeks. Any feedback or ideas are also highly appreciated!