Cross device website testing made simple.

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Retest allows you to check your web apps user experience and deliver absolute masterpieces on multiple devices so that every time your customer visits your webpage, they feel what you want them to feel with your design irrespective of their device.
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Kristian Vybiral
Kristian Vybiral@kristian_vybiral
Can we do at least one demo without logging in? I really don't want to pass my data to a service I wouldn't want to use in the end.
Markus Schuette
Markus Schuette@markus_schuette
@kristian_vybiral +1 for demo without creating an account
Pulkit Madan
Pulkit MadanMaker@pulkitim
Retest allows you to check your incredible design, user experience, program flow, functionality, and page layout in 2 simple steps, on multiple mobile devices, tablets, and computers, without even buying any of those, so that every time your customer visits your webpage, they feel what you want them to feel with your design irrespective of their device. We certainly respect the data privacy and security of all the webpages out there, and in no way, we intend to bypass that, so websites other than yours with any such added security features will not work on our platform. P.S:- This is to test your website and not sneak into others. 😻 Grab 25% off on pro plan using coupon "hunt"
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson@evelyn_johnson
@pulkitim Great! It seems customer and user relationship platform that allow the retest. Through user experience we can easily fulfill customer satisfaction. And you suggest good way to use coupon for pro plan. Because we can save 25% off and more. I already read that 25 million Americans use coupon apps to save money each month.
Gert Pellens
Gert Pellens@gpellens · Tech / UI guy
Looks nice. Some problems when going to your account: you need to login each time...
Pulkit Madan
Pulkit MadanMaker@pulkitim
@gpellens Thank you for notifying about it. Working on it right now!
Hasan Diwan
Hasan Diwan@hasan_diwan · Jackson St. Capital
URL field position is misleading. Would be nice to make the display bigger and have a choice of browsers/rendering engines.
Pulkit Madan
Pulkit MadanMaker@pulkitim
@hasan_diwan Thanks for the feedback. We are working to add more browsers to refine the experience.
mrapierce@mrapierce · Design technologist in Vancouver, Canada
How does this compare to BrowserStack? The speed of Retest is nice, but it leads me to believe that this is simply adjusting viewport sizes, and not actually loading the testing website through any virtual device.
Pulkit Madan
Pulkit MadanMaker@pulkitim
@mrapierce You are correct. We are no way competing with Browsestack on testing websites on real devices. Our aim is to provide a basic, simple and fast testing for those who just need to make sure the design is not breaking at any point on multiple devices under one page so that the user don't need to go around finding the correct resolution to do so. We are also working on bringing in more browsers to refine the experience as we go.