Bring back distracted visitors by changing the tab text.

This here is my creation. Feel free to ask me any questions about the product or how it works. Also, if anyone is interested I am looking to sell the site along with its technology.
@abe_storey Where can I see a demo? PS: Ok found it ;-)
@jberrebi Also feel free to check out these demos: , (just go to a different tab to see it happen - there is nothing on the page)
Annoying, but smart. Good work, @abe_storey.
@GeoffreyWeg Thanks. I completely understand and agree that at times it can viewed as annoying. I think that it depends on the website, industry, and type of customer you have. Obviously its not for everyone.
Interesting Idea - How do you pass in the coupon data? JS? What type of customizations are built in (e.g. X minutes after inactive, etc.)
@johnmurch Right now we can have it so when a user returns to the site it redirects to a coupon page or whatever page you'd like. You also can choose blinking text or scrolling text for the tab text. Let me know if you have any other questions. And yes, you can also choose X minutes/seconds after inactivity.
haha I checked it out, went to another tab to check email, and it started blinking which brought me back. #brilliant
@taylorhou Hahah.. Thanks :)
@abe_storey I love the simplicity and effectiveness so much I actually spent some time thinking how I could justify purchasing the license with some kind of product implementation.
@taylorhou Glad you like it and thanks for the purchase. Emailing you now.