Turn every link you share into targeted ads

RetargetLinks is the easiest way to advertise:

- Shorten links to any content. Post it on email, social etc.

- Drag & drop your ads. No scripts needed.

- Launch! We display 15 ads over 2 weeks to those clicking.

We offer free:

- Unlimited links

- Branded short link

- Facebook pixel

- Ad design

Cost: $8 / 1,000 impressions. HUNT50 = $50 coupon!

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We are thrilled to introduce RetargetLinks to ProductHunt! (thank you @_jacksmith ). This started as a project to help marketers retarget their non-converting funnel in the absolutely simplest possible way. We noticed that a lot of people were running a business where “site” retargeting was not possible (Eventbrite, Amazon store, Facebook page) or too complicated (approvals needed to place a script). You actually don't even need a website! So we built our own trade desk to be able to bid directly on Google and other ad networks. This allows our users to avoid paying monthly subscriptions on top of media cost and not having to deal with scripts of codes… we make our money through ad volume discounts to the result is that you are actually using our system for free! The result? Staggering simplicity! ----------------------------------- We think link retargeting the absolutely simplest form or advertising… in the same places where Coke, P&G or L’Oreal currently advertise. We currently have more than 6,000 registered users and, among them, fortunate to have the biggest media buyer (Procter & Gamble), largest media company (WPP) and the 3rd largest e-commerce company globally (Rakuten). Most of our users, however, are small businesses. They use us because of the simplicity of it (a teenager advertised her birthday party in Vogue, Cosmopolitan etc to her classmates). Privacy concerns ------------------ Our technology is based on tagging those that click on the link with an anonymous cookie. We don’t store any personal data and don’t track anybody down. The cookie is deletable by the user at anytime and anyone can opt out of our ads by clicking on the x at the right top side of ads. We use Google, AppNexus, OpenX, Rubicon to show ads and we pay the publishers to do so. We are excited to share this technology with you and we look forward to your thoughts. We will be around all day to answer questions! Serge
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Cool concept - but I was wondering how this is different from Adroll or Facebook retargeting?
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Hey @precisely_fouad_tabsh, thanks for your comment! We are different in two ways. We retarget users on a link based on content they consume online. You couldn't get this level of audience segmentation with Facebook retargeting or Adroll. For example, if you are Pantene Curl and you tweet a link to an article about "top curly hair tips", people clicking on it most likely have curly hair. Then you have a segmented audience of curly hair people which you can retarget with ads about curly hair shampoo. Your ads will convert more because you ahve the right audience. Lastly, the technology is dead easy to use, you just have to shorten links and drag and drop your ads to launch your campaign. You don't even need a website. Reach out to us if you want to see a demo!
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Love this! Great team and great customer support. It is definitely a tough concept to understand (specially non marketers) - but this has probably been one of the easiest hacks to implement and the RL team was instrumental in helping us get this up and going.
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@vivian_yeong Hey Vivien, Thank you so much for your kind words - we are really glad we could help you guys and despite a couple of hiccups, your campaign did amazingly well - congrats on the success!
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Awesome new approach to this space, especially the idea of creating an anonymous way to remarket to users. As an experienced ad buyer I have a flurry of questions for you: 1) $8 CPM is expensive (2x - 6.5x more expensive than most bulk DSP traffic) I assume a healthy chunk of that price is your margin. You mentioned your advantage is not having to pay fixed fees for a trade desk, but, what advantages do you have over someone like AdRoll who takes a 30% CPM mark-up instead of a fixed fee? 2) At what volume does your discounting kick in? 3) You noted an 'anonymous cookie' - what are the contents of this cookie? Is it just an ID? Do users passthrough any ad network redirects during clicking the link that would allow the ad network to capture (or imply) more user data? 4) How long do those cookies last (assuming a user doesn't clear them)? 5) Do advertisers get a copy of their remarketing list? (IDs for other networks that can be exported?) 6) Can pixels from one campaign be combined into future campaigns or are all lists fully separate? 7) Do you support all the standard targeting demographics of networks like DoubleClick and AppNexus? 8) Do you support event pixels? (i.e. purchase confirmation pixels or other call backs?)
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Hey @adamscochran, congrats for @omersventures raise! We are fans of DuckDuckGo here in Vancouver (in Singapore now as going through Techstars/Rakuten accelerator). To answer your questions: 1) We are priced at a premium because we consistently deliver x3-10 ROI for our users. We are also more or less in line with Facebook ads so not unreasonable. Last but not least, most of our users are in the $100-300 spend range and give volume discounts once your monthly spending goes beyond this. 2) In order to get a discount, you can reach out to us at hello@retargetlinks or @marillondesmaraisbeaupre once you have a certain number of clicks in order to estimate your spend before launching the campaign. In your case, we don't have any doubts that you can reach enough people to benefit from this. 3) We insert an anonymous retargeting cookie in the browser of the person clicking on the link and then we redirect to the final destination. If the cookie happens to appear in FastCompany, then they will let us know via (most likely) Google Display Networks and we place our bid for that cookie. We might win or loose the auction. We aggregate the data on where people are clicking the links from (Twitter, email, Facebook etc) and the location at a country level. We also aggregate the device type (iPhone, Android) and browser (Chrome, Safari) but that's it. No PII whatsoever, no data collected, no tracking of any sort. We just know that *a* person that clicked the link is now in Fast Company and that we can bid to show an ad. 4) Our cookies are set to last 6 months but you are also limited to frequency caps. These are no more than 2 a minute, 5 an hour, 9 a day and 15 ads max per person for the duration of the campaign. All this can be set to your wish: on clients that work on travel know they targets are going to take a decision within a week so the lifetime of their cookies is set to 2-3 weeks. They frequency cap is, concurrently, more aggressive. 5) We place our cookie (we don't give away our ID, I am afraid, as this is our business model ; - ) but we allow users to also place the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pixels as we are still working on these integrations. Note that the script that places our cookie is designed to fire very quickly and made for link retargeting so you will not have the same "cookie-drop" performance with these third party pixels. Excluding the Facebook app on mobile that obviously can't be cookied, we are able to insert the cookies in 75-90% of the cases whereas a "site" retargeting cookie will be around 30-40% because of the slow speed. The fast speed insertion is part of our patent claims. 6) As you'll see if you create an account, you can have as many campaigns as you want. Once you place a cookie and, if the cookie is not expired, you can display a fresh set of ads to your audience as the frequency caps is per group of ads. 7) Yes we do. Our trade desk plugs to AppNexus and Double Click. We can also provide brand safety services and any other programatic request. None of this is available on our front end but we can customize your campaigns directly on our back end. 8) Yes we do. The most frequent use case is for exclusion cookies on the "Thank you for your purchase page" so that person is not retargeted anymore. Hope this answers all your questions but please reach out to us at if you want to dig deeper and kick the tires!
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I run a small agency and I discovered this product last year when I was looking for a branded short link (vanity URL) for one of my clients. I loved it because the branded short link was free. Now I can also retarget everyone who click the links I share with targeted banner ads on premium publisher sites. My clients were very impressed when I showed them their ads in Vogue and allure.


Free branded URL

Easy to use

Awesome customer service


Nothing I can think of

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Hey Amy, Thanks so much! Small agencies are the bulk of our customers - and we are glad we could help you impress your clients 😃
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