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Zac Coffman-Magaha@zaccoffman · Marketing Generalist 2 at PayPal
This is bad ass. Great to see companies getting into this. Currently Disney is considering doing the same for things down in Walt Disney World, since all the food places in that area are connected into their dining plans etc.
Andy RosenbergHunter@andythegiant · marketing @joinroostr @aaptiv @peloton
Conflicted about this one but I'd love to hear the founders weigh in here. The Shake Shack/Meatball Shop experience to me is unique by the food offered, pricing, and atmosphere. Do people want to eat one (more expensive) course quickly and get out?
Ben LeventhalMaker@benleventhal · CEO, Resy
@andythegiant Totally agree that Shake Shack and Meatball Shop experience is unique. They're both doing an amazing job. That said, I'd argue there are times when waiting on a line at Shake Shack for their amazing burger is what you're looking for. But, other times, you want a somewhat more civilized atmosphere and would prefer, say, a really well chosen glass of rosé and the atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant. Apples and oranges and we think both are great! PS - Some ResyBirds will be more expensive, others will be comparable to these guys.
Tobin Schwaiger ⚡️@tobins · Lead iOS Developer @Resy
@andythegiant Not a founder, but the lead iOS developer for Resy. Resy Bird is more about how quick you are receiving service than it is about how quick you are being pushed through your seating. If you reserve the 6:00PM Beer Fry at Hanjan, then the restaurant already knows that you should be getting an order of garlic fried chicken and a Hite beer. We've cut out the need to have the waiter take your order and send it to the kitchen. Instead the restaurant already knows what you are getting and when, before you even step foot into the restaurant. You arrive and get your meal without the hassle of looking through a menu and ordering. Thanks for the share!
Andy RosenbergHunter@andythegiant · marketing @joinroostr @aaptiv @peloton
@benlevanthal @tobins fair, and perhaps this next point is geared more towards Resy's strategy in general. When introducing new tech into the restaurant (disclosure, I ran marketing at The Meatball Shop in a past life) I was always concerned with educating customers who weren't using the tech on why something "different" was going on. How do you advise restaurants handle a customer who is upset that their Beer Fry didn't come promptly and unaware that Resy was an option. Ideally you turn all of these non-customers into customers and avoid this problem, but curious to how you've tackled this so far at an early stage.
Ben LeventhalMaker@benleventhal · CEO, Resy
@benlevanthal @tobins @andythegiant Love that question. We partner with restaurants that understand hospitality. That part isn't native to Resy -- it's native to the venue.