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#1 Product of the DayOctober 25, 2015
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I probably tried every visual resume tool out there about a year ago, and at the time ResumUP was definitely the best-looking. They've released new resume templates since then, as well, so in addition to the original infographic resume shown here they also have a bunch of more conservative options and a few that really take advantage of the digital medium. This was also, of the many infographic cv tools out there, the one that made it easiest to display a non-linear career path by creatively employing the pre-defined categories.
@eliservescent Thank you! We've played around with different templates, but still infographic works the best to impress recruiters.
@eliservescent @ebarulin The website isn't working anymore. The visual maker isn't loading.
@eliservescent @ebarulin @rony_zgheib did you ever get it to work? I really want to do the timeline
@eliservescent @ebarulin @brenda_gerges No it ddn't work, i made a similar one on autocad and photoshop, i'll be glad to send it if you like
Interesting product, and would make for a creative and eye-catching page 2 to a resume, but on its own is just going to frustrate HR staff who want information in a standard and easily parseable format.
@dan_e_gray Sure, the main purpose is to catch attention (since only 6 seconds spent on each resume on average). Once you've been noticed, provide details in an easy way.
@ebarulin @dan_e_gray As someone who is a "charts and graphs" person, I appreciate this! Like Dan says, however, some people aren't. Can you combine both text and graphics on the page?
@robcromer Sure, working on this. have some good ideas. There are some examples at our template's page.
Nice looking. I agree with Dan Gray that this has some utility problems but as a version you hand to an interviewer or display on your personal website I can see how this could be useful.
@lynnfredricks In most of the cases candidates print their visual resumes, but online version works as well.
Looks impressive. Any chances to build in particular section or block to your static .doc resume?
@testkeis If you're building your resume in .doc format, you're doing something wrong. PDF only :D
Tried to make my resume on ResumUP, and I loved the way it is simple to handle the tools and to have fancy result :)) keep the good work...