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Hey Product Hunt users! ResumeCompass was inspired by many of the same challenges job seekers and professionals face today! Like many other job seekers and professionals, I would submit my resume to jobs and then never hear back! Common questions went through my mind like, "Is there something wrong with my resume? Am I including the right sections? How can I increase my chances of getting to the interview?" ResumeCompass is the platform where job seekers and professionals can find those answers, and gain access to all the tools and features they need to build and perfect their resume in minutes. We analyzed thousands of job descriptions to help job seekers and professionals identify how they can improve their resume to get past those applicant tracking system sorting robots, receive personalized recommendations, and improve their resume without having to break open the piggy bank! We have dozens of features currently, and we're working hard on developing new ones and we want your feedback! We're also giving a Limited Time Offer to Product Hunters to gain access to 3 months of our Pro Subscription and Premium Feature access by visiting this page where we provide information on how to redeem this offer:
@ryan_bucci Hi Ryan, I help friends with their resumes all the time but two problems exist: 1) They don't trust that I'm 'doing it right'. 2) I don't know if I'm doing it right. :-P I like this idea more and more as I look through your site. It's super-affordable especially since the perk is finding a great job.
@ryan_bucci H again Ryan, two more thoughts: 1. I signed up for the free account and it immediately sent me to a quasi-checkout page for the premium plan. This may throw off a lot of the free people or at least confuse them. 2. Do you have an affiliate program? Whether it pays out cash or free months or membership, I would be really interested in including it as an ad/resource in the My Free Legacy Binder document after taking a deeper look at your services.
@my_free_legacy_binder Hey thank you for the positive feedback and questions! You hit the nails on the head for the exact pain points I'm trying to solve for professionals and job seekers! I believe that having all the tools in one location should be easy AND affordable. Yeah the checkout page is designed to once again drive home the potential options they could choose to use if they opted for the subscription plan, it's not really designed to trick people, just present some additional options they should consider. I'm looking in to potentially developing an affiliate program for individuals or organizations like yourself, do you think it'd be a valuable option to provide? Thanks again for your positive words and encouragement!
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@my_free_legacy_binder Sorry for the late response, apparently my earlier reply didn't go through and I wanted to make sure it didn't double-post. Can I ask what browser you're using, it's possible that the browser isn't displaying the errors properly. You're the only one reporting this so far so I want to make sure I get this bug fixed quickly! If you are still having trouble with it, send me an email at with a screenshot of your inputs and I'll see if I can replicate the issue and resolve it!