Resume Worded 2.0

AI-powered feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile

Designed by top recruiters, Resume Worded gives you instant feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Powered by AI, it analyzes your resume or LinkedIn profile for issues and provides tailored suggestions on how to increase its impact so you get more interviews & opportunities.

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Hello Product Hunt 👋, I launched the very first version of Resume Worded over a year ago in October 2017, and have been iterating on it ever since. SO excited to officially launch this here today!! Grateful to @kwdinc for the hunt. The product Resume Worded is your free, personal resume and LinkedIn coach, designed to help you get more opportunities and interviews. It's made up of 3 core components: 1. Score My Resume: — an AI-powered tool that gives instant expert feedback on your resume. 2. LinkedIn Review — similar to Score My Resume, this tool gives you feedback on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get more opportunities 3. Resume Samples— bullet points from resumes of top candidates, in case you need inspiration to write your own resume. Score My Resume It takes literally 30 seconds to upload your resume and get detailed feedback, examples and steps to improve. Here's a screenshot of what Score My Resume looks like: LinkedIn Review It also takes <30 seconds to get feedback on how to increase the discoverability of your LinkedIn profile! Here's a screenshot of what the LinkedIn feedback tool looks like: Thank you! 🙌🙌 Rohan
Perfect website if you want to land a job interview in finance!

Love the new design. This solution is pretty much all you need to write the perfect CV. Great that you also cover LinkedIn profiles.


Design, an end-to-end solution, accurate LinkedIn analysis


Can't think of any right now

Thanks Chris! Much appreciated :D

I've followed Rohan's progress through his postings to ProductHunt and am amazed at how far the product has come - from a list of short example phrases for resumes to a full blown analysis of an uploaded CV. Great work!


Much more detailed insights than the last time it was posted


Seem to be having trouble with password autofill on Safari, otherwise looking great

Thanks a ton Tom!!
Amazing product
@mario_gamas Thanks a ton, Mario!