Resume Worded helps you write effective resumes. It's a searchable database of lines from real resumes that worked. Filter lines by industry or skill and get inspired by relevant sentences that top performers used to describe experiences on their resumes.

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Hello Product Hunt! Good to be back here :) I built Resume Worded to help people improve the actual content and wording of their resumes. All resume-related products out there are focused on only the visual elements of resumes/CVs (i.e. templates) and don't address the problem that people don't write effective resumes. It’s the product I’ve needed ever since I wrote my first resume in college. As an international student, my strengths didn’t lie in written English and it was challenging to clearly and effectively express my achievements. I needed strong relevant examples, but resume samples that I found online were actually very poor in terms of actual content and are unlikely to have worked at competitive companies. A lot of people have exactly the same problem. We end up asking our friends for examples of their resumes, which give us great ideas on what sentences work and how to word them. This gave me the idea of Resume Worded. I created a database of sentences, and tagged them by job and skillset. I sourced the initial set of sentences from resumes of people in my network (colleagues, friends and friends’ friends who went to business school, etc), and have grown the database by adding new lines every week; each resume line was also tweaked and slightly modified & anonymised for confidentiality. The site's been live for just ~2 months now and I’m continuously adding features to the product, so very much look forward to any feedback or questions :)
Great job !! Quite handy for people who are quite unfamiliar with the resume writing 😊
More helpful and my colleges career development center!
No Design category? :(
@theleovogel We'll get a design category in there soon!
@theleovogel @rmahtani93 Can't wait Rohan! Let us know :)
@theleovogel Hey there! This is just an update that we've added a design category into our full database :)
Hello, nice product! If you're looking for customers I would be pleased if you'd like to join where you can offer discounts or other rewards to users (e.g. for registration, new subscription etc.)