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#3 Product of the MonthFebruary 2018

Professional resume templates that follow the exact ‘resume rules’ HRs look for. Easy to use & done within minutes 🤘🏻

— professionally designed and balanced templates, custom styles

— following tips and recommended sections

— resume sharing: track views, likes etc.

— cover letter builder

— 100% money-back guarantee

Perks for PH users 🎁

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Hi there, Product Hunt users! I proudly present you — a simple web-based resume builder! I kept my personal resume written in LaTeX for years, but who does it in 2018 (are you a scientist)?! I noticed that most of the existing resume builders have lack of speed and design, so that’s how basically the project was born. One of my favourite features is the ability to share your resume via a short link, I use it all the time (on the website for example)! And it has built in likes/claps/you-name-it just fun haha. Hope you’ll like it!
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@mlfrg Looks great but wonder why you chose twitter, FB to prefill data and not linkedin?
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@mlfrg @taggy Hi! That's a good question. We actually researched this thing! 👨‍🔬 Unfortunately, there is no API provided by LinkedIn to gather the data. We could make a website scraper exclusively for it but that would take us quite a lot of time which we better spend on other features. Other than that, scraping is really unreliable which makes it even worse candidate for release. However, with that number of requests, we might reconsider 😁
@mlfrg Here's my feedback: 1. You must not create an account w/o explicitly telling the user or the user explicitly telling you to create one. You do it even after the user actually choses the "skip" options instead of logging in (or sign up). 2. And you should definitely not chose a password for the user and then share in the "welcome" email in plain text. 3. Also, choosing and changing a template is a pain (I don't think I can change anyway). 4. Once, I clicked on "View Templates" after that every click on either "Create Resume" or "View Templates" was going only to "Create Resume" page.
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@amarendra thanks for your constructive feedback Amar! ⚡️ Yeah, I agree that we might need to tell our users explicitly that the account will be created, however, our intention was to develop a seamless transition from account creation to resume editing. We believe that nobody wants to think of passwords and logins anymore. We were inspired by login process in Slack and Product Hunt when you don't even notice it! As for sending the password, you are totally right and we are moving away from it towards magic links. The transition isn't 100% ready yet but it's pretty close. We just haven't figured out the way how to make it easy for people who got used to passwords. Then we will drop passwords completely. The templates part is indeed our UX weak point. You can change the template by clicking on the download button in resume editor. I totally agree that it's not 100% clear and we are fixing this part in our nearest sprint. Thanks again! If you need any help or you have ideas how to make our service better you can write me here or find me on twitter! 😉
@amarendra Thanks for the detailed report! We should definitely review these security issues in the product. As for the password in the email, I think it's redundant right now and makes no sense, since we're forcing everyone to log in using magic links. Gonna hop on a call with the rest of the team to fix this asap, thanks! UPD: the link indeed makes no sense. Removed it from our emails, to reduce the confusion :) is made by UI maniacs, they polish each detail and mindfully track user activity to create really perfect interface. It's pity that I create resumes so rare, hope they will create more products in future!


Simplest way to create a CV with really neat UI.



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this website has a great design. the ui/ux is really great. the team is really responsive, atleast the times I have occasionally come back to create a resume.


easy to use

7 day trail for minimum fee for quick resumes



Hi Product Hunt people, and thanks to Vitaliy for hunting us! 😉 We started this project with a simple idea in mind, to make the most beautiful and clean resume editor. More than a year has passed and now we not only have an awesome CV editor but also many cool features like online resume sharing with tracking of views, likes and downloads 🕵️‍, cover letter builder with 12 carefully crafted templates ✨, job search 🔍, application tracker 📫 Would happy to hear a feedback from you to make the service even better. Tell us what is missing! 🙌
@tikhondaz Nice idea. It'd be great if it could grab all info from our linkedin account, since most people keep it up to date (instead of having to add everything again). Any plans on that?
@tikhondaz @thiagoafram For sure! This feature is number one in our backlog 😊
@tikhondaz @mlfrg Awesome! Also, how do I change my password? Went to 'Account', it says I can change it there but there's no field to do it.
@tikhondaz @thiagoafram Don't worry about the password, we now use magic links for the login. But if you do want to have one, I can make it happen, just write us here and he will do it right away!

Hello team !

Looks like you've bring something cool and new to HR.

The tool is really simple to use, the onboarding is great. UI is also great.

Once signed-up, I was really pleased to see that it wasn't only resume templates. Additional features like cover letters, sharing, application trackers are adding big value to the product.

I might desert my beloved InDesign, because it will be easier for me to maintain and update my resume I guess.

Even if I'm not looking for a job, I'd definitely comeback often to check how it is evolving and maybe use it for close friends or parents when it's needed.


Complete, clean UI, onboarding, sharing


Only few templates atm

Hi @manciniluciani and thanks for your feedback! We do plan a lot of cool staff in nearest future, so stay tuned for more. 🙌 By the way, if you feel like standard templates don’t suit you well you can customize them by changing accent color or hiding/showing profile image. 😎