An e-resume isn't just a personal website, it is a prime piece of real estate that presents you to the entire internet. It will act as a detailed portfolio for you to highlight your strengths.
This can be intimidating, which is why I built Resume'ed!
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Hey PH, I'm Wade, maker of Resume'ed 👋 After graduating from post-secondary I wanted to create an online resume on my domain that I could share with potential employers; unfortunately I couldn't find any easy to use platforms to do so. I decided I would spend some time and make my own platform that would take the hassle out of creating an e-resume. I also decided to leverage LinkedIn's API to cut down on the manual entry. So here we are! 🎉 Features ✨️ 👩‍🎨 Customize your e-resume to match your personality and experiences. 💻️ Connect LinkedIn to automatically populate your information. You can control what gets imported. We leverage LinkedIn's API and automatically delete your authorization token after 60 days. 📈Track who is visiting your e-resume with built-in analytics. 🎨️ Connect your domain to your e-resume, so it is always on brand, no matter who is looking (only on pro version). 🤵Collect form submissions through your e-resume. Pro version gets to see the submission in the dashboard, while the free version just emails the submission. I hope you like it, and I look forward to your feedback 😊 PS. Use coupon code "PHunt" for 15% off for 12 months! (Note: click "check coupon" to see/get your discount before subscribing. Stripe modal will still show the old price, but you will be charged the discounted price)
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@wadestriebel This is awesome! I attempted a similar project back in 2015 (but didnt make it very far). This would be very useful for uWaterloo co-op students.
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Great product


Clean, simple and easy to use



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As love more products tackling the Résumé 2.0. That said there, are a couple platforms already on the market that offer similar capabilities. @wadestriebel, any valuable differentiators?
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@kleinkleinklein The biggest differentiator is the SaaS component. Most of the services I looked at when I was trying to find a good service either only had the ability to download a resume, or required coding skills and knowledge of how to set up a hosted site. My approach for Resume'ed was to make it as easy as possible for anyone to start "crafting" their personal brand online. No coding skills required. That is why all sites are hosted on the infrastructure I set up with multi-tenancy so each users gets a unique domain that they can effortlessly connect a custom domain to. You seem to offer a great complimentary service with PRSNL Branding, would be interested in chatting further?
@wadestriebel Thanks! And absolutely, feel free to shoot me a note at
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Awesome to see this go live!
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Thank you @scotty_bowler, it is super exciting to finally go live 😀
Great job!!😀 Could we have way to download it. I come across companies who deal with physical resumes. How are you going to tackle this
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@ayush_chandra It is on my roadmap! I do know many companies still use physical resumes so that is important to include 🙂