Resume Checklist

Actionable steps to get your resume in shape for 2018

Resume Checklist is a checklist of actionable items to help you write your most successful resume. This comprehensive checklist includes advice for all sections of your resume, including Formatting, Structure, Education and Experience.

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Hey everyone - great to be back here!  Writing resumes is one of the hardest things to do because there’s just so much riding on that one piece of paper. We often end up going through tons of iterations of our resume since it’s super hard to know when it’s ready to be sent off. We made this Resume Checklist to help with that. It’s a curated checklist of actionable items to help you write your most successful resume. The checklist covers everything from formatting to structure to describing your work experiences. You can use it at any stage of the resume writing process, whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re almost done and want to make sure your resume is ready.  Also wanted to thank you all for the amazing response to our core product Resume Worded ( last year! We’re offering $10 off that until Tuesday. Any feedback is super appreciated - thank you!  Rohan

Well formatted, opinionated + actionable tips to improve my current CV without starting over. Pretty happy with the results


Quick + easy


I hate popups asking for my email!

This looks great.

Glad I found this website. It has helped me alot for writing my CV. It's a no bullshit, straight to the point service.


comprehensive collection of points to consider when writing your CV + no login required for using it


I wish there was a way to save your progress and then continue where you left off later on. Maybe the pro feature has that feature

covers a lot of different job&skill areas, great for a CV revamp


easy to use, i'm loving it so far


except the subscribing popup