Integrate Google search with your browser

RESULTER is a browser extension that makes searching on the Web easier and faster. It allows you to navigate through search results using keyboard shortcuts without going back to search engine page.

At the moment, the extension supports Google™ search engine.

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Hi all, I'm very happy to present our new extension. The idea of the extension is to make the navigation between search results (for now only Google search) faster and more convenient. To achieve the goal we combine the following ideas: 1. Keyboard shortcuts for Google search page. 2. The RESULTER panel (which you can open with Alt+A combination) opens the list of all search results. This way, you don't have to go back to the search engine page to navigate to another search result. The panel supports lots of keyboard shortcuts as well, and is very light and simple to use. 3. Alt+Q combination to open search result summary (the one that Google provides with each search result), which will have all main keywords clickable, and by clicking it you can highlight the corresponding keywords on the page. Hopefully this extension can help users keep single tab per search and discourage 'tab hell' which one can run into with lots of Google searches. Another benefit of the extension is, of course, the fact that you can use keyboard shortcuts to move between search results, instead of using mouse each time, which is very convenient for users who Google alot.
Is it compatible for Google Chrome?
@ayush_chandra yep, it's a Google Chrome extension :)
@vitalii_h thanks very much! I love it. Don't understand why there no more upvote
@jerome_vbm thanks, glad you like it!
@jerome_vbm you can help by sharing this page :)
@vitalii_h This is a truly a life saver. This is the reason I was able to finish a project with a broken mouse. I really don't think I'll be buying a new mouse any time soon.