Livestream gaming sessions to TwitchTV, YT, & more at once

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I'm not sure it REALLY makes sense. For "big streamers" the actual video is only a small part of the equation. Engagement, moderation, and community building on your channel is just as important as the raw video. Using something like this would seem to dilute the ultimate fan experience, which will dilute streamer engagement.
@adamslieb As a long-time eSports fan & viewer, it makes sense to me as a "top of funnel" issue. If your stream is everywhere, you get more eyeballs on your content, and more opportunities to invite people to come to [SERVICE YOU PREFER] to chat. The vast majority of viewers lurk anyway, I don't see much of a downside
@adamslieb We just started with this and nobody can know exactly how it will evolve. Only time will tell. Thank you:)
Livestream gaming and eSports in general is booming. Restream is in a unique position to enter the market by becoming a pipe into existing video services like TwitchTV, YouTube, hitbox, etc., "piggy backing" existing network effects. Really curious to hear what they're long term version is for this. h/t @sohear for this hunt (TC coverage)
@rrhoover Thanks for the h/t
@rrhoover We see all sides as our partners, because we help them engage audience. Streamers get more audience from different platforms and platforms get more views and adv shows. Our project can give new energy to the old platforms and help new products to attract attention:). We hope can help every streamer. We put our heart's in it. Thank's for adding us:)
I like the approach. There are a few key things to think about. For example, Twitch TV streamers sign a contract with Twitch where (for instance), a video uploaded to Twitch may only be uploaded elsewhere as of 7 days later. As Adam @ Duxter mentioned, you need to try and simplify the process of delivering value using streaming (engagement, moderation, community, distro all go into this). Good luck!
@eyaltoledano The funny thing is that many Twitch streamers upload videos on Youtube and they don't need a contract:). We need LUCK Now) Thank you :)
I'm glad someone built this, because I predicted this service coming when streaming became big, and I agree with @adamslieb it will take more than just rebouncing signals onto other services but it's a good start :) The next thing will be some sort of relay chat service between services to facilitate moderation and engagement
@orliesaurus Thank you for your ideas. We will think about it.
This is fantastic, so happy someone made this.
@mrvladnov Vlad, thank you for the kind words. If you have some ideas how to improve it, please let us know:)