RESTful Menu

A beautiful RESTful client right on the menu bar.

RESTful Menu makes testing and development of APIs with ease by providing developers or testers with a minimalistic and beautiful application that can quickly be accessed right from the macOS menu bar.

This version includes the following features:

All major HTTP methods such as GET, PUT, POST, HEAD, PATCH, OPTIONS and DELETE.

@dilmerv I love the idea. This is handy for quickly testing endpoints. My main concern is how will it compete in a space where mature products like Postman exist?
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@parwinder thanks for your comment and honestly I don't think it directly competes with Postman, instead I believe it provides a new solution or an alternate solution to developers / testers who just need to quickly test / develop APIs without having all the complexities of a more mature solution.
@dilmerv @parwinder nice idea, but I think for a menu bar app this does a bit too much, almost to the point I might as well use Postman 😅. IMO It would be better if it just pulled in /synced up with your Postman Collections and had them as quick links to view test responses. Otherwise you'd essentially be maintaining two sets of endpoints. one in your app and one in Postman 😬
@parwinder @nagra__ I agree with most of your comments and I honestly love Postman as well, I do use RESTFulMenu for quickly API development, it is very simple to use and you can get your testing done very fast.
Hi All how are you ! Today, I am happy to share with you my new product "RESTful Menu". This is a project I personally use for my own API development. The main reason I developed it was because I just didn't want to have to open another application to do simple HTTP method calls which we do all day when working on APIs. In this version, I added a bit of my own graphic design skills by providing a variety of editor themes with dark and light modes. Additional themes are also available through preferences. Thank you and I hope you enjoy as much as I do and did through development. This application is scheduled to be release as soon as Apple approves the submission. I would say in 1-3 days from this comment. To download it once available simply go to the macOS link on this page. Thanks again! Dilmer Valecillos
Hey all, I am happy to announce that RETSful Menu is now available in the App Store ! Thanks everyone for your support!
@dilmerv the App Store link seems to be down for me 🤔
@amrith yes this is in pre-launch and should be available in a few days. I will let you know as soon as Apple approves it :) thanks for your interest !
@amrith it should be available now that Apple just approved it :) thanks for your support !
Cool app. I like things to be one click away!
@csaba_kissi awesome and thanks for your message :)
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Really cool product. I usually use Postman when I have a defined set of endpoints, so I keep it as “documentation” for external services. With RESTful Menu I could quickly test one-off API tests. I am just wondering how you can monetize it. [EDITED] just saw you are selling on the app store. Cool. Got one more customer.
@bpaulino Awesome Bruno thanks for the support :)