Simple online NoSQL database backend is a fast and simple NoSQL cloud database service. With you get schema, relations, REST API (with MongoDB-like queries) and an efficient multi-user admin UI for working with data.

Our customers use it for backends, business databases, API-first CMS, data collection and much more.

You can also create dynamic HTML sites easily.

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This Norwegian startup is killing it at the moment 🔥! They just launched in December and are probably the easiest solution to get a database for small businesses going, or create your own CRM. They have a REST API - of course, duuh 😏 - and an incredibly helpful customer service. is a cloud service to quickly create a database, rest api and data manager in the cloud. In addition to quickly define data schema/API, you can also add HTML pages to a database and make them public. So basically it is quite possible to have a dynamic web site up and running very quickly. is very developer and startup friendly and they also are involved in the hackathon community! Give them a try if you love databases; also try them if you don't, they are just that good ;) ⚡️ seems to be a great product, I will give it a try
Looking great! I've used Cloudant in the past - what would you say are the most significant differences between these two prdocuts?
@andreaspizsa I haven't used Cloudant, but to me the focus seems more on providing ultra-scalable backends like Firebase and Parse.'s main focus is to be super-easy to use for both developers and end-users and scalable enough for most cases. Although we offer a custom plan that can be used together with scalable and sharded MongoDB databases, perhaps also on top of services like Cloudant :-)
Seems super easy to use and very scalable. Love it - gonna try this for the next project.
Love that I can jumpstart by importing a spreadsheet.
@imchrisdavis Yep, love that bit!