A new music streaming service from ByteDance

Resso is a music streaming app that lets you express yourself and connect with others through tracks you love and the ones you'll soon discover.
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Looks great, but I am sure I am not the only one with privacy concerns around TikTok
@chrisschaap why? because it's a china company?
@alex2020 Essentially, yes, the China Internet Security Law allows Chinese authorities to conduct spot-checks on a company's network operations. There have been some other acts by the company that go against my personal values of privacy and freedom of speech. Here's an article with some more info:
@alex2020 @chrisschaap Cant agree more ,said Snowden
For those of you that don't fall into a TikTok rabbit hole in bed (like me), here's an overview of how TikTok has had a heavy influence on music over the past year. It makes a lot of sense for ByteDance (makers of TikTok) to introduce a direct Spotify/Apple Music competitor.
Tiktok is a tool of Chinese intelligence. Just sayin'.
@miked888 hahaha😂, just same to facebook or Google, these just tools of United States.
@miked888 @moonbright_zhou doesn't make this any less different people are still against google and facebook
@miked888 snowden taught you nothing
indian vpn + change app store to india = access to Resso with 14 day trial. interesting concept especially the social aspect and ability for anyone to correct song lyrics and add videos / visuals to a track.
Wow, great looking website.