Find other players to play with easily ๐Ÿ‘พ

Respwn is a "looking for group" service for gamers. Find teammates which match your experience and play style. Currently compatible with all games on steam.

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Mike GSystems Engineer with Expedient
This seems like a cool idea but I think you may have trouble getting a critical mass of players needed to be useful for every game. Maybe a good idea to start by focusing support on a single game where matchmaking is currently a major challenge and market heavily to that community, then move into adjacent games and eventually to a generalized service.
Creator of
@mgaruccio That was definitely a core issue on my mind when creating the concept of this site. I came to the conclusion that I would actually approach it from both directions. First I will attempt to get it working so that anyone can create a group for any game on steam, using only playtime data as a way to filter other players. Once this initial phase is complete, I will shift to start focusing on one specific game to increase the player data surrounding it through whatever API that they provide. I was also hoping that by the time this occurred that I would have enough people using it that it gives me an indication of what tends to be the popular games on Respwn and start catering to those games. The other thing that I noticed which is a problem with sites that go from a single game focus to multi game is that they actually start implementing too many features. These complex features fulfill the way that the specific game they chose works, but tends to have a tough time getting converted into a more generic system. For instance, Rocket League offers a much different ranking system than PUBG. I am hoping that by approaching it from both ends that I can slowly work up to having an LFG system that can work well for all games.