Responsive Web Design: An Email Course

Free daily lessons to learn the basics of responsive design

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Harish Venkatesan
Co-founder/CEO @ Designlab
Hey Product Hunt! We’ve had a lot of success with our month-long, mentor-led design courses on Designlab. But, we realized there were a lot of design topics that people wanted to learn about that didn’t necessarily merit a full, immersive course. One of those topics is responsive design: in a world with more mobile, tablet, desktop (and now watch!) devices than ever, it’s incredibly important for makers to design flexible products that adapt to the user. We’ve partnered with one of our all-star mentors, Lyft designer Patrick Wong, to put together a free email course on the basics of responsive design. Through bite-sized lessons, you’ll learn the essentials, find related reading, and practice with short exercises. We hope you all have fun, and I’m here for any questions all day :)
Sarfraj LakdawalaDigital Marketer
Thanks for shared this amazing course with us. Recently, there are many website builders now exists in the market with easy drag and drop features so anyone can build website without knowledge of codding or designing like these tools They have great features so you can build website fast.